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    1. Tara

      Ancient Tools and New Quests!

      Hello my friends! I have a couple of incredibly exciting announcements that I can't wait to share with you all. For starters, I would like to mention that today is Remora's 2 month anniversary. Remora opened exactly two months ago. Seeing how far we've come and the changes we've made along the...
    2. Tara

      Bedrock is up!

      Hello Remorians We've got good news for our Bedrock users! You can now join with your Bedrock account. You can join with the same IP: play.RemoraMC.com. If you have any issues, please let us know, or make a ticket under Support in our Discord!
    3. Tara

      Survival Rules

      Hello Remorians! Here is a quick run-down of our rules. Failure to follow rules may result in a warning, kick, or ban. Remora staff are allowed to use their full and best discretion to administer punishments at any given time. Punishment times may vary due to the severity of the rule broken...
    4. Tara

      Remora Experience Feedback

      We've created a feedback form in order to better see what areas we can improve your experience in. Please fill out and submit this form. Those who decide to include their ign and submit this form by Friday January 21 at 5pm CST will be awarded crystals for their input. Crystal rewards will be...
    5. Tara

      Remora is officially OPEN!

      At 10 am EST, Remora MC officially opened for all players. The IP for the server is play.remoramc.com! Come on in and discover a new Minecraft world!
    6. Tara


      The store is officially up! The look will be changing soon. Stay tuned!
    7. Tara


      Check out our amazing Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/remora_mc/! You'll be seeing some great updates that highlight amazing builds as well as other things going on. Right now, it's a great way to get a sneak peek at Remora!
    8. Tara


      I'm just being nosy, but does anyone have anything that they love to collect? I collect BTS things, and my collection has gotten wild. (That includes BT21 and TinyTans.) I'm also well known at school for collecting anything to do with Hello Kitty. The kids always give me their McDonald's...
    9. Tara


      Staff, Builder, and Developer Applications are live on the forums.
    10. Tara


      So I've added a few things for your profiles. You can now add different social media if you like. I specifically added Discord in case you wanted your accounts known there.
    11. Tara


      I really really want pizza. But I'm trying to be good. But it sounds so delicious and I may not hold out tonight.
    12. Tara

      Appeals Information and Format

      If you believe that you were unfairly punished on either the server or the discord, you may appeal your punishment here. Please include any evidence you feel that may support you. Once your appeal is posted, please be patient. It can take up to 72 hours before a response is given. Keep in...
    13. Tara

      Developer Application and Information

      Hello Developer Applicant! The developer will be responsible for working on new and existing features on Remora. The work can range from fixing bugs on existing features, improving the performance of Remora, creating custom plugins and any other tasks that might pop up. Someone who is flexible...
    14. Tara

      Builder Application and Information

      Hello Builder Applicant! The criteria for the Builder Position is as follows: 13 years or older Being a team member on the staff team (you wont exist in a vacuum, and our staff know our players) Understanding of Minecraft in general Examples of your work Good luck! To apply, copy the...
    15. Tara

      Staff Applications - Information

      Hello Staff Applicant! We’re looking for someone is 13+ and who has an ambition to learn and help players within our community. If this sounds like you, please go ahead and submit an application. The criteria for the Staff Position is as follows: 13 years or older 50 hours playtime Being a...
    16. Tara


      Our forums are officially up! Still a lot of things to be fixed but they are up and running!