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  • Ancient Tools and New Quests!


    Staff member

    Hello my friends! I have a couple of incredibly exciting announcements that I can't wait to share with you all.

    For starters, I would like to mention that today is Remora's 2 month anniversary. Remora opened exactly two months ago. Seeing how far we've come and the changes we've made along the way is so fascinating. Remora was originally just a vision... an idea... but now it's a reality—it's a REAL thing, all thanks to all of you. YOU have made Remora what it is. We genuinely do appreciate all of you, and we truly love this little community we've begun to create, whether it's familiar folks we have met from other servers, or new people who have joined through Disboard. Although it's just me sending this message, I can assure you the rest of the team feels the same way. We are so grateful for all of you.

    In honor of Remora's 2 month anniversary, we are finally releasing
    Ancient tools were are an idea the Founders had way before Remora launched. I am overjoyed to actually be announcing that we are finally releasing them! Ancient tools are Remora's finest tools, whether it be a pickaxe that mines speedy fast, or a fishing rod that will give you the best loot in the seas. Left clicking the ancient crate at /warp crates will show you the crate's tools. You can purchase ancient keys via the crystal shop or via our store. Check them out here: https://store.remoramc.com/category/keys

    Next, I would like to announce that we have created a Saint Patrick's Day quest! This one is more difficult than the Valentine's quest, so if you want a little challenge, here it is! Speak to Jack Lucky at /spawn near the docks. If you find all 11 pots 'o gold from the turtle leprechauns hidden around spawn, you will receive a cute little four leaf clover tag! Make sure to finish this quest before Jack leaves on the 23rd and the quest ends.

    And finally, a big CONGRATULATIONS to @Abisnail for being promoted to a moderator! Dyal has been doing a fantastic job helping us moderate the community and has provided us with great feedback in regards to the server. They have also been incredibly patient with us as we fix some moderator commands... I guess you could call them the staff guinea pig. Congrats Dyal!

    I hope everyone enjoys the new ancient tools and the new Saint Patrick's day quest! We are so happy to have this wonderful community. It might sound silly because it's just a MInecraft server, but Remora has been something we have put so much time and love into. And it has definitely paid off. We can't wait to watch Remora grow and thrive. We love you guys!

    - The Staff Team