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    Greetings Remorians! Here is a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions).

    1). What is Remora about?
    Great question! RemoraMC is a community-based server. We currently only have survival, however we plan to add more servers as time goes on, such as minigames and skyblock. Remora is a fantasy inspired server with lots of lore and backstory. We have fairies, goblins, wizards… you name it! The spawn has much to explore and will give you a bit of insight on Remora’s lore.​

    2). How do I connect via bedrock?
    To connect with bedrock, use this port: 19132.​

    3). Is Optifine allowed? Is Badlion client allowed? What about a mini-map?
    Yes! All of these are allowed. If the client you are using is not considered a hack or doesn’t give you an advantage over other players, then it’s most likely safe to use. We still recommend asking a staff member about any clients you use, just in case.​

    4). What’s the best way of making money on the server?
    The answer for this question really depends on the person, however it’s typically recommended to sell items using the /shop or /ah. Making an automatic farm (that stays within 3x3x3 chunks) and selling the crops usually makes decent profit. Some players also recommend voting (using the command /vote) and either selling the vote keys, or selling the loot you receive from the vote keys.​

    5). When did Remora open?
    Remora opened on January 15th, 2022! We began working on the server back in October of 2021.​

    6). What are all of Remora’s ranks?
    Remora’s ranks go in this order from lowest to highest: enchanted, divine, angelic, olympian, and celestial. We also have a monthly subscription rank called eternal, which displays a star next to your username on the server. If you see someone with a star, that means they have the subscription rank!​

    7). How do I earn crystals?
    You earn crystals by playing on the server (per hour), however you can also earn crystals through completing tasks from NPCs. A great place to start is the guild hall at spawn! You can also purchase crystals with real money at our store. Crystals can be spent via /cshop to receive items!​

    8). How far do my automatic farms need to be from one another?
    All automatic farms should be 3x3x3 chunks. If you are making several automatic farms, please keep them 3 chunks apart. You can hold down the F3 and G keys to see chunk outlines.​

    9). What’s an automatic farm?
    An automatic farm is a farm that typically uses redstone to auto-collect crops. This is much different than a manual farm; a manual farm is where you till the ground with a hoe, wait for crops to grow, and manually harvest them with your hand.​

    10). What happens if I break a rule?
    Depending on the severity, we will warn, mute, kick, or ban you if you break a rule. Staff will occasionally give out verbal warnings; this does not affect your official history, however it should still be taken seriously. Continuously breaking rules will result in a more severe punishment as the offenses increase. You can type /rules to see our rules in-game. Please take a look at this link, as it contains a detailed list of our rules: https://remoramc.com/threads/survival-rules.24/

    11). I found a bug, a glitch, or I’m having a specific server-related problem. What do I do?
    In situations like this, we typically ask that you open a ticket in our Discord server. To do this, enter the #support channel and press the envelope emoji reaction that says “Create ticket”. Press this once to make a ticket. A ticket will open a private chat between yourself and the staff team. For player issues or issues that may not be as severe, please use the #reports-questions channel. Here’s our Discord link: https://discord.gg/hdVTdjdcyE

    12). What are some important commands?
    Typing the command /remora will give you a menu containing plenty of important and helpful commands. The most common commands include /ah, /shop, /pw, /vote, and /cshop.​
    13). How do I vote?
    To vote, type /vote on the server. A couple of links will pop up in your chat. Press them, and input your username. In return for voting for the server, you will receive a vote crate key! Use it at /warp crates!​
    14). How do I message someone?
    To message someone, type /msg [username] [message]. For example; if you were to message chxxical, you would type: /msg chxxical [your message here].​
    15). How do I pay someone money?
    To pay someone money, type /pay [username] [amount]. For example; if you wanted to pay captainkittyx $100, you would type: /pay captainkittyx 100.​
    16). How do I trust someone to my claim?
    To trust someone to your claim, type /trust [username]. Trusting someone to your claim gives them access to everything, including pets, chests, and builds. You can also use /containertrust, which allows players to only have access to chests and animals. We also have /accesstrust, which gives players access to levers and buttons. To remove a player from having permissions in your claim, use /untrust [username].​
    17). How do I send mail to someone?
    To send someone mail, type /mail send [username] [message]. For example; if you wanted to send mail to JelmerNL, you would type: /mail send JelmerNL [your message here]. Offline and online players will receive mail.​
    18). Can you give other players crystals?
    You can not give other players crystals. Crystals are meant to be a unique currency that is gained through playing. You can however give players items bought from the crystal shop.​

    19). Who is the server owner?
    All Founders own the Remora server! If you see someone with a Founder rank… well, they’re an owner!​

    20). What’s MCMMO?
    MCMMO is a plugin on the Remora server. With MCMMO, just about anything you do (woodcutting, fishing, farming, and much more) will increase your MCMMO level and give you perks. These perks include right clicking your pickaxe and mining very fast, or right clicking your axe and knocking down a whole tree! For more information regarding MCMMO, check this link: https://mcmmo.fandom.com/wiki/McMMO_Wiki
    21). Is Remora a pay-to-win server (P2W)?
    No, Remora is not a pay-to-win server. You can gain ranks and just about anything else in-game using crystals!​
    22). How long does it take my claim to expire?
    If you have been offline for 90+ days, your claim on the server will expire.​
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    /back - returns you to your previous location.​
    /rtp OR /wild - teleports you to a random location.​
    /sethome - sets a home where you are standing.​
    /home - teleports you to your home.​
    /tpa [username] - sends a teleportation request to another player.​
    /tpahere [username] - sends a teleportation request for another player to teleport to you.​
    /pw - opens up the list of player warps.​
    /spawn - takes you to spawn.​
    /warp market - teleports you to the market in spawn.​
    /warp town - teleports you to the town in spawn.​
    /warp docks - teleports you to the docks in spawn.​
    /warp crates - teleports you to the crates where you open crate keys, such as vote keys.​
    /remora - opens up a menu with helpful commands.​
    /shop - opens the shop to buy and sell items.​
    /cshop - opens the crystal shop.​
    /ah - opens the auction house.​
    /ah sell [price] - allows you to sell the item you are holding on the auction house.​
    /qs create - allows you to create a chest shop.​
    /party - opens the party menu.​
    /perks - opens the perks menu.​
    /msg [username] - allows you to send a private message to another player.​
    /ignore [username] - allows you to ignore a player so you no longer see their messages.​
    /pay [username] [amount] - allows you to pay a player money.​
    /hub - sends you to the hub.​
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