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    Hello Remorians! Here is a quick run-down of our rules. Failure to follow rules may result in a warning, kick, or ban. Remora staff are allowed to use their full and best discretion to administer punishments at any given time. Punishment times may vary due to the severity of the rule broken. Please note that continuously breaking rules will increase your punishments, and may result in a permanent, unappealable ban. When reading through our rules, please thoroughly read through each description of each rule. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse. Rules are subject to change at any time.

    1). Griefing, stealing, and scamming are not allowed. Please do not destroy bases you have access to, even if they are unclaimed. Please do not steal items from other players or attempt to scam other players.

    2). Discrimination, slurs, racism, or offensive comments or speech is not tolerated. Discrimination towards someone’s skin color, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexuality, and more, is not allowed. Remora is a welcoming place for everyone. Let’s keep it that way.

    3). Do not use hacked clients. This includes (but is not limited to) XRAY, auto clickers, rejoin macros, and keyweighting (putting an item on your keyboard or mouse to act as an auto clicker or auto jumper). If you are unsure about a client you want to use, please ask a staff member. We are here to help!

    4). Inappropriate builds are not allowed. This includes genitalia, swastikas, concentration camps, and anything else that could be seen as inappropriate or offensive. Swearing on signs in a private space is allowed as long as it is not directed at someone (example: simply saying f*ck is fine; saying f*ck you is not). Please do not swear on signs in public spaces, such as player warps. Slurs and offensive content is not allowed anywhere (signs or in chat), therefore it does not apply to this rule.

    5). Do not disrespect or harass other players or staff; toxicity is not welcome. One of Remora’s biggest goals is to keep the server a safe and fun place for everyone. Putting down, harassing, or being disrespectful to other players or staff is prohibited.

    6). Please do not argue. Calm discussions or debates are fine, but if they turn into an argument or harassment, you will be asked to stop. If you do not cooperate, we will administer a punishment.

    7). Do not bypass our swear filter, speak about indecent or inappropriate topics, or excessively swear. Do not bypass our swear filter; for example, it is not allowed if you say sh!t. Do not speak about inappropriate topics such as sexual content, alcohol, drugs, or anything else deemed inappropriate. Excessive swearing is not tolerated; occasional swearing is fine (as long as it is not directed towards someone specific), as it is caught by the filter. If you are continuously swearing, we will ask you to stop.

    8). Please do not advertise. Do not advertise or mention other servers (Discord and Minecraft) in the public chat. Please also do not advertise social media accounts.

    9). Never make death threats or encourage suicide, even if it’s a joke. Death threats or encouraging suicide (including saying KYS) is not tolerated on Remora. Do not make threats towards staff or other player’s friends, family, pets, etc.

    10). Real-World trading (RWT) is prohibited. Trading in-game things for real life money is not allowed, as it can easily result in scams. An example of real-world trading is if captainkittyx is giving TaraSHEawase $10 real life money for an in-game tag crate.

    11). Sexual harassment is prohibited. Conversing sexually or inappropriately with another player is not allowed. Making sexual jokes or comments that make a player uncomfortable is not welcome on Remora.

    12). Never release personal information. This includes giving away someone’s last name, address, email, phone number, and much more. We also ask that you do not give away your own personal information, as it may threaten your own safety.

    13). Please do not use inappropriate usernames, nicknames, or skins. We will ask you to change your username, nickname, or skin if we deem it inappropriate. If you do not cooperate, a punishment will be administered.

    14). Keep item names appropriate. Do not name your tools or items inappropriately. For example, naming a piece of sugar cocaine would not be allowed.

    15). Teleportation killing, trap killing, and teleportation trapping are not allowed. Attempting to kill or trap another player via /tpa is prohibited. PVP is disabled on Remora; using anything to bypass this will result in a hefty punishment.

    16). Do not spam, roleplay, or beg in chat. Spamming via messages or general chat is not allowed. A couple of examples of spamming could be typing l i k e t h i s or spamming letters or symbols (AAAAHHHHHHH). You may roleplay in party chat or messages, however it is not allowed in the general chats. Do not beg; asking if anyone has free things is fine, however if it is repetitive, we will ask you to stop.

    17). Please keep politics or controversial real world events out of chat. Speaking about potentially explosive or controversial topics, such as politics, is not allowed, as it can spark an argument.

    18). Do not encourage rule breaking. Please do not encourage other players to break or bypass our rules. Instead, encourage them to follow our rules.

    19). Do not use foreign languages in public chats; please only use English. Our staff team moderates the English language! If you would like to speak in other languages, you are welcome to do so in messages or party chat.

    20). Keep your claims 100 blocks away from other claims! People tend to expand their claim over time, so it’s important to give some space to other claims. You may view the location of claims around you by pressing right click while holding a stick.

    21). Do not duplicate or attempt to duplicate items. Using a glitch, bug, hacked client, or other source to duplicate items is not allowed.

    22). Mute evasion is not allowed. Using an alternative account to evade your mute on your muted account and therefore speak in chat is not allowed. You are welcome to use signs or books to speak to staff or friends, however you cannot use signs or books for any other purposes, especially if you are harassing another player.

    23). Ban evasion is not allowed. Using an alternative account to evade your ban on your banned account is not allowed. Any other form of ban evasion is prohibited.

    24). Spambotting is not allowed. This includes using bots, hacked Minecraft accounts, or any type of program to spam the chat.

    25). Bug and plugin abuse is not allowed. Abusing bugs or Remora’s plugins to obtain illegal items is not allowed. If you find a bug, please report is ASAP. Please also do not spam our plugins, such as spamming teleportation requests or messages to other players.

    26). Vote or crate farming using alternative accounts is prohibited. Please do not use alternative accounts to vote or receive crates several times. This includes using a VPN to vote on another account.

    27). Advertising on the auction house is not allowed. An example of advertising on the auction house (/ah) is if a player were to sell a diamond for 5 million in-game money, and it was named “Come visit my warp! /pws MyWarp!” Please do not advertise anything on the auction house; it is there to sell items, not advertise.

    28). All automatic farms must be a maximum of 3x3x3 chunks. Manual farms can be any size you’d like; this rule only applies to automatic farms. All automatic farms must be 8 chunks apart horizontally or diagonally from other farms if they do not fit within the 3x3x3 chunk space.

    29). AFK machines are not allowed. Using anything to bypass the AFK timer, such as an AFK pool or mechanism, is not allowed.

    30). Please do not build zero tick farms, flying machines, or guardian farms.

    31). You MUST have a staff member check an unclaimed area before you take from it or claim it. Staff members will check the data of the area and let you know whether or not you may touch it. Please keep in mind that claims automatically expire after 90 days of inactivity. If your claim expires, it is likely to get taken from or re-claimed (per staff member's decision). (edited)
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