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  • The Closing of RemoraMC


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    Greetings Fellow Remorians!

    I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to write up this announcement. What I'm about to share is a bit upsetting and something we knew might come one day, but never wanted to see happen. I kindly ask that you read the entirety of this post to fully comprehend what I'm about to say before reaching out to our staff team. I am sure you will have questions come to mind and might even have a few assumptions to do the same.

    There have been many contributing factors that have led us to where we are now, but all of these factors have led us to the unenviable position that the time has come to bring the story of Remora to a close. So many of our staff and members of our community have dealt with some difficult things as the world becomes more complicated and our lives progress. This has led to us struggling to adequately staff and moderate the server. Some of the staff members that we have recently lost have also brought about the reality that we can barely maintain the server at this point, much less continue to grow and develop it. All of this combined with a lack of player activity and staff burn out have brought us to the place where closing down the server is the only path forward that we have. Ultimately, if we cannot maintain Remora at the high standards we have set for ourselves, we believe the only option is to bring this journey to an end.

    Remora will be closing down on June 17th, one month from today. To ensure that no new players spend money on the store, it will be shut down immediately to make sure no new donations come in. Between now and then, we invite you to explore, take photos and videos, save your builds as schematics, and give the server a fond farewell. During this time, our server rules still apply so please be kind and gracious with one another. Additionally, even after the Minecraft server closes down, we will keep the Remora Discord up, and remain as a perpetual community for our players to continue to interact and share life together. There will be some changes here and there as it transitions to a long term setup that isn’t Minecraft centric, so be on the lookout for new channels springing up and some old ones going to archive.

    I'm sure some of you have questions now, but let me ask and answer a few that I assume will be common.

    1. Will the Minecraft server ever come back?
    There are no plans to bring back the Minecraft server, but if it gets to where we can handle it again, we may revamp it and open back up at a later date. No promises, but I won't say never.

    2. What changes will be made to the Discord?
    The Discord will become more community-based and less of a Minecraft server, although we will keep a couple of Minecraft related channels to share builds and ideas with each other. All current members on the Minecraft Server will receive a special role to show they were present during the time of Remora as a Minecraft server. A couple of channels will be removed or reset, however I won't be doing this until the time of the server's close.

    3. Can I get a copy of the world file?
    If you reach out to me once the server closes, I will attempt to send you a copy of the survival world file. I can't give it out until then for obvious reasons, but as long as it isn't too large, we will attempt to distribute it post-shutdown.

    4. What about my ranks that I donated to receive, or worked for on the server?
    We will do what we can to find some options for rewards on the Discord server, but as the Minecraft server ends, so do the donation rewards that were given to keep it open. Your donations kept Remora going, and ultimately were the reason why you and and the rest of our fantastic players were able to enjoy this world and its stories. From all of us, both staff and players; thank you.

    As a final personal farewell, I want to say a massive thank you to all current and former staff for all their incredibly hard and devoted work to keep Remora up and vibrant as a community. It truly was not easy, but I didn't regret it for even a second. Remora is the one place I felt like I belonged, and I know a lot of our staff felt the same way too. Our players, on the other hand, were such a huge support during the entire lifespan of Remora. We genuinely would NEVER have been able to do this without all of you. None of what we did would have mattered if there were no players to enjoy it. Thank you for being Remorians, and thank you for bringing us so much joy.

    As Subbed74 once told me; all projects come to an end. Remora was our project, and it was a great one too. I wouldn't trade the beautiful memories we made for anything in the world. Thank you for everything.

    - Written by former Head Founder Alex_The_Hermit, and current Head Founder captainkittyx